Fix This Next Gets Your Business Under Control in 3 Easy Steps


Evaluate your business:

We will identify the vital needs in your business that are not being met and are holding you back.

This could be sales, marketing, conversion, profit, etc.


Apply the fix:

We will create an unique strategy for you and help you to implement the plan to fix that vital need.


Find the next challenge.

We will verify that it's working, then move on to the next vital need to set your company up for continued growth.

Find The Next challenge!

The biggest challenge business owners face is knowing what their biggest challenge is.

If you have ever felt your business takes two steps forward, yet three steps back, this book is for you. If you have a constant stream of questions needing answers and fires to be extinguished. This book is for you. And if you are frustrated that the vision for your business has still not come true, then this book is absolutely for you.

The entrepreneurial journey is hard, but it does not need to be. The path is much easier when you one know the one thing to focus your efforts on. In Fix This Next you will master the simple tool to pinpoint your business's most important need. The world is starving for your success. Fix This Next is your guide for the journey.

Why Hire a Certified Fix This Next Coach?

Your business is close to your heart.  You are fraught with bias, emotion, history and momentum.  This will result in an inaccurate evaluation.

But as your Fix This Next coach I am not bias or distracted with things going on in your business.  I assure accuracy in your evaluation and that you are doing the process right.

You are so involved in the running of your business that you can't see the forest for the trees.

But I am unbiased (not emotionally or financially invested), therefore I see the forest.

We all have the best of intentions.  Work life balance is a daily struggle.  It's so very easy to become distracted and not get back to the project that we had been working on.

As your Fix This Next coach it's my job to keep you on track and be your accountability partner.  So that we keep moving forward to reach your goals!

Doing the right thing, at the right time =

Which of Mike's books should I read next?

The best book for you to read is always the one that addresses and fixes your company's most vital need. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs are too busy addressing all the apparent and urgent issues, to know what the company's vital need is. If you fall into that category, the most important book you can read now is Fix This Next. It will get you on the path of doing the impactful things for fast, healthy business growth.

What are the biggest takeaways from Fix This Next?

Let's start with the biggest challenge entrepreneurs have, the fact that they don't know what their biggest challenge is. As a result they are constantly reverting to address the apparent and urgent issues, while (unintentionally) disregarding the most impactful one. In Fix This Next, you will have a system to pinpoint your businesses most vital need. Additionally you will have steps to track the improvement of the vital need. And, you will be able to pick the next vital need and the next after that. Finally you will have a simple, methodical method to grow your business to your vision.


What To Fix In Your Business!!

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