It's Not Just a Game

esports streaming Aug 24, 2020

What could be better? Playing the games you love and having people watch you and even pay you sounds like the dream. For some, it is, but there is more to it than just logging into the game and watching your bank account grow. 

Set realistic streaming expectations

Going in with your eyes open can help you see some of the roadblocks that every streamer faces. Asking a few good questions before you quit your day job can prevent some heartbreak.   Are you prepared to continually interacting with your fans and reach out to them with content that engages them?

Embracing the reality of Streaming

If you expect things to happen overnight, you are in for a rude awakening. Thousands of streamers stream for hours a day with no one watching. Generating an audience can require trial and error and many viral stunts that are akin to buying a lottery ticket. Persistence and consistency can, and do, pay off. 

When things go bad

There are times when the reality of streaming...

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